Unlike any service available, Rook permanently redefines Web3 info integration.
We’ve created a comprehensive, gamified learning experience that is bound to give users confidence in all aspects of Web3.
A Reinvented EdTech Approach
Rook explores every crypto asset class, NFT topic, and Web3 ecosystem, leaving no stone unturned.
Learning + Studying
Practicing + Exercising
Research + Application

The platform we’ve designed is not only fun, it’s also extremely effective. No textbooks, no lectures, no yawning - only results.

Practice when it’s convenient: enjoy full customization and flexibility of our curriculum. Everything is tailored to your personal needs.

Research cases, specialized lessons, and real-world practice are just a few of the services that make Rook so unique. We have an answer to every question.

Rook integrates with all Web3 assets, most notably: cryptocurrencies and NFTs.


Learn ahead of the curve and understand decentralized currencies inside and out--literally.


Cryptographic assets that no longer have to be enigmatic: Rook makes NFTs simple.


And much, much more to come...

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