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We are disruptors, because that is what revolution demands.
- Jackson Denke [Veritas], Founder & CEO

Democratize Web3

Problem Space

Bitcoin was founded with our same principles: create a more equitable world by democratizing finance. Web3 is now a bastion of inequality and is well-overdue for a proper democratization.


We provide professional-grade technology, information, and resources used by multi-billion dollar firms--leveling the technical playing field by resolving the current resource disparity.

Proper Web3 educational resources are becoming increasingly rare - so we solved just that.
- Jackson Denke [Veritas], Founder & CEO


Problem Space

If high-quality Web3 education was widely accessible then people wouldn’t seek out inaccurate and low-quality information online--totaling to billions lost yearly.


By prioritizing quality and accessibility for educational information across a range of Web3 studies, Rook will solve this growing issue.

We must nullify the technology gap in order to bring us closer to truly democratizing finance.
- Jackson Denke [Veritas], Founder & CEO


Problem Space

World-markets are a race and high-frequency crypto trading firms have Formula One cars while everyday investors have nothing. The technology gap has reached incomprehensible levels.


We are taking inaccessible and enigmatic data analysis tools and making them affordable and understandable while still being effective. With Knight, everyone has a Formula One car.

No more fragmentation.
- Jackson Denke [Veritas], Founder & CEO


Problem Space

There is too much fragmentation when it comes to crypto exchanges. Innumerable notes, news, and charting apps make crypto portfolios and Web3 asset management a big headache.


We’ve taken the best parts of all of these services and combined them into one, easy, seamless solution. Bishop puts users at a huge advantage for managing their crypto investments.

Built inclusively for our global community, the Eversify platform is available to whoever, wherever.
Fractionalized subscriptions, financing options, and friendly pricing models - for us, affordability is paramount.
Designed for beginners, experts, and everyone in between. Our platform’s ease-of-access is unparalleled.
At the forefront of innovation, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Eversify is developed by the best, for the best.

In February of 2022, I imagined a service that democratized finance by providing universal access to professional Web3 data and analysis.

With Eversify, we brought those imaginations to life.


In my University of Chicago dorm, as a 1st-year studying economics and cognitive science, I sought to better understand human psychology and its role in the financial system.

More specifically, I wanted to find a solution to issues surrounding the financial system’s inequity and inaccessiblity.

I wanted to understand how to make finance more fair. More equal.

Today, I believe that Eversify provides a solution. For everyone.


Hailing from the highest levels of finance and academia,
our team of world-class educators and economists
provide unparalleled insight into crypto markets.