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Creating intelligent financial software and information for everyone.
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Our vision is to provide accessible first-rate financial information and resources for people of all backgrounds.

We believe every human deserves the right to an education.

Eversify is founded by Wall Street veterans and expert developers across the globe.

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Universal Access

Built for availability, affordability, and accessability to people of all origins, we strive to globalize our outreach and impact.

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World-Class EdTech

Handmade and designed by experts, Rook is unparalleled in quality for both breadth and depth of financial education.

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Quant Analysis

At the forefront of innovation for retail investing, Knight is offering Wall Street-grade quantitative research and analysis to all.

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Bishop applies our powerful information, research, and analysis into actionable financial decisions across any market.

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We hope to inspire a revolution.


From years of analyzing what drove the greatest discrepancy between Wall Street and retail investors, we came to the conclusion that the available information and technology--not available capital—-is responsible for this divide (the GME/AMC short-squeeze is proof that retail investors, when united, can stack up against Wall Street firms).

With this thesis in mind, we defined our mission with Eversify: close this gap by providing retail investors proper education and Wall Street-grade quantitative analysis tools.

Eversify is the financial-equivalent of an AK-47, and we intend to arm the people.


Vincit Omnia Veritas

"Truth conquers all things."

We understand the importance of trust and are firm believers in its ability to shape communities.

By maximizing transparency, cultivating a supportive environment, and having stellar communication between us and you, we are confident that together we can inspire innovation.

If you are interested in learning more about how we plan to accomplish this mission, see the articles below:

Hailing from the highest levels of Wall Street and academia,
our team of world-class educators and economists
provide unparalleled insight into global markets.