Eversify Reader Borchard


The Borchard kiosk presents the current edition of product in a prominent position of the kiosk making it a focal point for the reader and making it easy to read the current edition. The publisher also includes a sliding carousel of other publications making the kiosk a prime location to promote other content.

From the sliding carousel readers can view other publications, view previous editions of the main product or of other products in a library.

The library shows the selected publication or group of publications in a grid view similar to Newbury allowing readers to then filter editions based on edition information.

Both kiosks support Live News displays where the publisher can automatically present to readers breaking news. The Live News display can be separated into different news topics – such as business and sports – if the publisher wants.

Bookmarking is another feature of both kiosks allowing readers to bookmark pages and/or articles for later reading. Simply clicking the bookmark displays the page or article on screen.

The two kiosks support publisher based authentication and/or in app purchasing from Apple and Google. With publisher based authentication the app, through the Eversify server, authenticates the reader with the publisher ensuring the reader is allowed access to the content.

The publisher can also provide sample editions in each kiosk. This sample edition is a way to provide free content to non-subscribers as a way of promoting their content.

Finally, each kiosk allows the reader to manage device storage by selectively deleting content as necessary.


Eversify Reader Borchard on tablet

Eversify Reader Borchard on smartphone


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