Eversify Reader Newbury


The Newbury kiosk presents to readers a grid showing multiple editions of a single publication or group of publications. When the grid shows a group of publications the reader can then filter the grid down to a single publication making it easier to find the edition of interest.

Each edition includes information such as author, language, number of pages, and publication date plus descriptive information from the publisher.

To make it easier for readers to find content, Newbury includes a date filter showing readers only those editions in the selected publication or publication group that match the selected date. Readers can also search for editions based on the descriptive information.

Newbury also includes slides where each image can display a different publication or group of publications in the grid display. In addition each image can include an icon of the publisher’s choice. These slides and logos are managed from the server allowing the publisher to update these without needing a new app.

For publishers with a single or a small number of publications the slides can show images of interest while not actually filtering the content of the grid.


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