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Project description:

Basler Zeitung already used an app before Eversify came along, which, however, was a  development of its own and only available in the Apple App Store. It also lacked fundamental functions like buying individual editions on the app itself. Over time, the input required to update the app and the internal systems and to gear them to the latest needs became simply too much. Now, Basler Zeitung uses Eversify to produce hybrid editions for all iOS and Android devices fully automatically and directly from the content management system.

Special features of this project:

The Eversify team is a strong partner in the implementation and integration of the various systems to be integrated. Where Basler Zeitung had not been able to adapt its system, the Eversify Mobile Publishing Team has always tried to provide a solution. For example, on the one hand it always has to be ensured that Eversify correctly combines the segments of articles that are issued in such segments, on the other, recently a change was made that allows the automatic presentation of the table of contents without having to issue it separately.

There is always a potential for improvement, optimisation and further development. New ideas are already in the pipeline.

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