The Mobile Push

mobile content – the reader retention struggle.

Are you reading this on your mobile? Chances are, you are. The latest Gartner releases alert us to a significant increase of smartphone sales. That means content has never been as accessible as it is nowadays. But in an era of mobile content overload, which content (app) makes it to the first screen? The reader has become critical of what (s)he is (not) allowing on his mobile. Publishers who are developing cross-media selling proposition need to worry how they can gain/keep top of screen awareness with their readers.

The source of the content you read or watch needs to be reliable. The value seeking reader is ruthless when it comes to bad content. Who to turn to? The trusted press and media have long served as the primary content provider. They know how to handle content and process it into a (usually) unbiassed reporting towards the reader. Facts, figures and a dash of intuition made hard copy into what makes the world spin around. Then hard copy got online. Followed by a digital second life repurposing. And it is now making its strongest move ever in conquering the mobile realm. Content itself also evolved as it stretched out to other communication channels. It did not limit itself to written copy, it evolved and transformed into images, podcasts, video’s, GIFs and memes. The visualisation of content is undeniable. Its progress relentless.

Channeling the content will prove crucial. Print, online, digital, social, you name it. Which means you have to make it scalable. A crucial detail publishers of all sorts understand but too well.Why? Scalability allows for tailored dissemination.

In the war for retaining the mobile reader’s attention, a strategic content approach will win the battles.

That’s our cue. Agfa Graphics has a proud print heritage background. We’ve seen content and information evolve and have looked for a way to adopt good quality content to the scalable and fast paced rhythm of the modern world.

Hence Eversify. A tailored mobile solution that allows any type of publisher to deliver its content in a reliable cross-media way. And since cross-media is a work in progress in terms of time and budget, we’ve made the solution as scalable as the content our customers develop. That way the solution can grow alongside their strategic outroll. Eversify adapts to their rhythm of content delivery and makes sure the dissemination of the content is as qualitative as the content itself.

The struggle for trusted content is far from settled at this point. Publishers who are famous for good content have a heads-up when it comes to getting or keeping the attention of the mobile reader. With Eversify they can add a competitive edge and execute a retention strategy.

We’re ready for the 2016 kick-off. We’ll be at both print and mobile shows, promoting the mobile push. Let’s meet up, I’d love to hear how you’re tying your mobile content wanderer to your publishing brand.

Rainer Kirschke