The mobile push

Entertainment, the new content disruption. What Pokémon Go teaches you on content publishing.
Catching Pokémon has more appeal than catching up with the news; that’s one result of the furious success of Pokémon Go, one of the most successful apps ever sold in the shortest period of time. The combination of app with augmented reality results in something like an “outdoor sports” activity. Based on its popularity, we must ask ourselves: “Is this really the entertainment we are looking for?” And if so, what can publishers learn from the success?

It seems to me that 3 simple verbs did just the trick:

  1. Entertain – You can’t disrupt old habits without offering a high entertainment factor in return. The consumer needs to be hungry for more.
  2. Access – Full accessibility is a necessity. Users need to be able to access the game without any limits. Adding a dash of augmented reality supports the stunning momentary experience anytime, anyplace.
  3. Share – Stimulate the sharing, networking and exchanging of interactions. These successes and stories will feed the users to further savour the moment and make them feel like a powerful member of the social community.

What’s the commercial value of this to the publishing world?

  1. Micro payment works if and when the “must have” factor is high enough.
  2. Users will accept the solution as a carrier for advertisement and e-commerce, if a high benefit and entertainment factor is provided to compensate any possible annoyance.

Granted, comparing the success of Pokémon Go to the digital content delivery strategies of publishers is a bit unfair. Nonetheless, I knew not too many publishers that will turn down the option of launching a tool that will boost turnover, make shares double in value within a matter of days, and enthuse a new audience that spans a broad demographic range!

And yet, as with any hype, this too shall pass.

News, on the other hand, is no hype. News will forever be a part of the long term culture. News is generated instantaneously from numerous places around the world. New technologies help us share that news among the human population.

What can you as a publisher do to try and create a Pokémon Go effect? Again, 3 verbs.

  1. Evolve – Make sure your news consumption interface is attractive, user-friendly, adapted to the situation and more important to the personal interest and preferences of your readers. This will showcase that you are able to generate different kind of flavours for one and the same topic, each customized so as to address age, time, place, cultural level and education of your readers. Your efforts to deliver personalized products will be rewarded with continuous micro payments. Users will not be bothered by adverts that match their preferences in a focused, attractive set-up. The Pokémon also evolve the more training or happiness you give to them!
  1. Regionalize – I touched upon the augmented reality aspect in Pokémon Go. Please don’t write it off as “not for me”, consider linking your news to the places and real locations it originates from by means of augmented reality. Special interest and regionally selected news features will incite your user to higher value and enjoy the time (s)he is spending with your product. Get to know and analyse your prospects and customers every day to become their regional news partner of choice.
  1. Analyse – Keep a close eye on your mobile publishing dashboard after investing in new efforts. Play your cards right and you’ll see the minutes users spend to enjoy your services and content increase by the day.

Alas, success won’t come from a “one solution for all”. But you already have all the means at your disposal to shape your digital future in publishing.

A Pokemon Go take on publishing opportunities can impact your enterprise one day at any time to collect more and more attention minutes from your readers. It’s just like the game: gotta catch ‘em all!

Rainer Kirschke