#WPE16 – hybrid on track

#WPE16 – hybrid on track, #printdigital revisited.

The need to monetize content on numerous platforms has encouraged newspaper, magazine and book publishers to adopt a number of different solutions to meet their content management requirements. For most, a rocky road trying to match expectations with reality. So, en route, they went to Wan-Ifra #WPE16 to check if there is something better on offer.

Turns out, there is. We met a variety of operations and chatted to them about what they were looking for and how they wanted to better manage the delivery of their content. Not to mention, monetize it.

One word stood out – diversification.

Visitors from all over the world wanted to develop a more creative way of reaching their readers on a wider choice of platforms. Many already use an electronic publishing element, but they are looking for ways to connect these more effectively. They want to deliver a stronger profit generating potential.

No idle words, because only recently Wan-Ifra also raised the MediaBriefing question on what newspapers can do in the face of failing print revenue. (See this tweet and link: https://twitter.com/NewspaperWorld/status/790490786500603904 and feedback from Editor & Publisher  http://www.editorandpublisher.com/feature/forecasting-the-newspaper-money-makers-for-the-next-year/)

We noticed the change in perception with the publishing crowd, who’s looking for a new symbiosis between their print past and multichannel future. And we’re happy so many of them found the way to our booth.

Time for a hybrid game-changer

The level of automation Eversify offers, provides publishers with an easy to adopt and integrated solution within any editorial, content management or InDesign® based layout system. The fact that the simple-to-use software service is offered as a SaaS and scalable solution to allow operations to grow in line with demand, only adds to the appeal.

In fact, it was our hybrid version that attracted the keenest interest. It is a more advanced level that either uses an Adobe® Acrobat® plugin to allow the manual addition of extra content (pictures/videos) to the PDF file or operates via XML data for both single article view and media enrichment. (Check the video!)

Hybrid is the next step forward for most publishers. A key finding that also emerged from our Multichannel Publishing white paper by Paul Lindström. (Just released and ready for you to download here: http://www.eversify.com/downloads/)

It states publishing is about having an efficient publishing solution in place for true cross-media (and subsequently cross-substrate) publishing. This means that a solution for mobile publishing shouldn’t be a stand-alone or an isolated system, but should be seamlessly integrated within more conventional existing publishing systems.

We couldn’t agree more. Neither could the #WPE16 visitors.

Multichannel publishing won’t side with print nor digital – it will seek the most advantageous spot for the most appropriate content. Or as Editor & Publisher put it in this article: if you build it, revenue will come.

Rainer Kirschke