The mobile push

App-ealing content – the Scandinavian way

How content is consumed is changing. We all want to access information in a multi-platform way.

Loyal readers may subscribe to, and consume, the printed word initially. Then they may look to online and mobile applications to continue reading or find additional content. More transient readers may first scan mobile content before seeking more details either online or in print.

The Scandinavian region has been very proactive in supporting the different ways to engage with readers via apps. They have just about adopted them all across all publishing segments, which include:

  1. Newspapers that have their own development departments or companies.
  2. Magazines from larger publishing houses develop their own solutions.
  3. Suppliers of editorial systems supporting their customers with various app solutions.
  4. Corporate publishing multinational companies that have developed sophisticated apps.

And there are still plenty of ways for markets to develop and support a publication’s longevity.

Eversify has delivered proven added value to two main types of publications in the fields mentioned earlier:

  1. Leading trade magazines that dominate that advertising channel in their field.
  2. Niche magazines with loyal readers willing to pay for special interest for content.

But more can be done, I’m sure. How? Consider this.

Is a magazine still just a magazine?

I don’t think so. A magazine is not just a magazine anymore. Depending on the focus of the publisher, their app solutions can be either increasingly video-heavy and less text-based, or the other way around. It will be paramount to make sure the publisher knows his/her audience to make sure it receives a smooth user experience with few distractions, high-quality content and the appropriate levity or depth.

Take the health magazine iFORM, for example. They are organizing events, co-organizing running races and training-trips, they are interacting with their readers building a community where the magazine is just one of the parts. It comes as no surprise they also offer their readers a variety of health apps.

This kind of reader interaction explains why content should be adaptable to situations, for example a smartphone during the day or a tablet at home. This will support social integration and creates opportunities for active user participation. It can even deliver personalized and highly tailored information.

Can you think bigger?

Why yes, actually. App solutions don’t just have to be consumer facing. They can also offer a great way to improve internal communication. Many Scandinavian companies highly value their human capital and consider it essential to keep their employees well informed and engaged.

The high level of automation that Eversify offers, makes it a very efficient solution to maximize any company’s internal communication efforts. It does not only collate all content, it also makes the most of the content’s distribution by making it available to people on their own terms. Like an app that structures training material, for example. Always the latest information, accessible at all times on any device. No more confusion for engineers on-the-go.

Either way, whether it is for consumer or internal use, smooth integration and implementation will be key obviously. But we have a proven track record there. (just ask)

We can help publishers deliver the right content to their readers at the right time – no matter what the publication or the platform. Opportunities are endless.

So tell me, fellow Scandinavian, do I have a point?

And you non-Scandinavians, are you dealing with a similar situation in your country? Or quite the contrary?

Mats Öhman

Eversify Sales Nordic