Swiss Review – all-out instant multichannel publishing

Mortsel, Belgium – April 13, 2017

‘Swiss Review’ is a dedicated magazine issued by the Swiss state for Swiss living abroad. It’s been published for over 42 years in no less than 14 regional editions in German, French, Italian, English and Spanish. In 2014 its management decided, that the content should also be available across different channels and platforms. Not a straightforward task – as a governmental steered publication, all content must be replicated verbatim. A mere webpage did not suffice, they wanted their readers to be able to access the content when they want it, where they want it. An app appealed more, because of its user-friendliness, enabling readers to tailor settings and push notifications to their preferences. Not to mention being easily accessible on all devices. The publication had worked with a PDF version before, which worked perfectly well on tablets, but had its limitations on smartphones.

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