From a digital detox low to a multichannel motivational high

Batteries are now fully recharged for the 2017 publishing challenges ahead!

In my last blog, I talked about the healing effects a digital detox may have on the way you process the digital tsunami coming at you. I hope you enjoyed your free time over the holiday period and that your batteries are now fully recharged for the 2017 publishing challenges ahead!

Ours sure are. At our recent sales kick-off, our worldwide mobile Eversify team geared up, bursting with positive energy and inspiring ideas in the new year. As we headed from 2016 to 2017, we found ourselves riding the wave of growth with resounding successful feedback from both customers and readers.

On a side note, the F.A.Z. PLUS app got a 4,5 stars’ review – we could not be more proud!

This vitalizes our conviction that the publishing market craves a powerful solution that will strengthen brands and maximize the monetization of actual and new digital services. Automation will give you the time as a publisher/journalist to concentrate on content creation. Data analytics will empower the editorial, boost the results and thus provide the means to continuously optimize the content. The right multichannel tool can help you reach your audience easier, faster and on multiple platforms and channels.

It’s all about the money

A counterargument we often hear from publishers is that they have already invested in an in-house mobile app development team. Unfortunately, we also often find out that this seems to be the never-ending cost story. In-house innovation works at an expensive pace, right? Well, it shouldn’t, trust us. In-house investment seems like a good idea, but customers often complain that this offers no scalability options. By relying on a scalable solution by an external partner with worldwide expertise, you can leverage on the experience they bring to the table with any size and segment publishing company. This allows you to start small, and yet grow fast. Leverage your needs to your means. And that doesn’t mean you should get rid of the in-house app team – quite the contrary, put their expertise to better use!

Let the money go with the content flow

Which brings me to another topic. The latest Reuters “Journalism, Media and Technology Predictions 2017” revealed an interesting challenge for journalists in the upcoming years: keeping up with the news. Reuters refers to the content creation side of it, ironically enough.
The explosion of information and new platforms makes it harder than ever for journalists to keep up with the news. New systems are being developed to help manage the information overload. SamDesk and Dataminr are increasingly deployed in newsrooms to pinpoint and manage breaking news in social networks. These systems increasingly provide alerts based on network analysis and the speed at which content is being spread. Intelligent bots are being integrated within systems like Slack to alert groups of journalists about new developments on a moving story.
When paying so much attention to the fact checking and information collection side of content, why slack on the distribution side? A straight forward implementation of a multichannel publishing tool will help journalists to deliver their content in a highly automated process to the consumers/readers. Letting journalists focus on the content itself while the tool offers the best way of disseminating the content to the publisher’s audience. Good content delivered correctly, will attract more content seekers and advertisers looking to bank on your good reputation.

Which brings me to another topic of a carefully thought-through advertising strategy (what with the adblockers and all), but let’s save that for another session.

Or maybe you’d care to visit us at the Digital Innovators’ Summit, we’re having a “work & chill” section at Stand 9. Come for a chat, stay for the content. Drop me a line if you want to meet up.

Rainer Kirschke

Business Manager Mobile Publishing

Agfa Graphics

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