The dish on the DIS – a multichannel nirvana.

From March 20-21, the contemporary venue of the Deutsche Telekom in the heart of Berlin hosted the annual Digital Innovators` Summit. 600 visitors from 37 nations joined 70 speakers, enlightening the information-starved audience on the present and future of the digital media industry. Publishers, journalists, founders, venture capitalists and CEOs alike mingled and mixed, turning the show into a true multichannel nirvana.

On the agenda: Mobile, monetization strategies, fake news, audience engagement, diversification, artificial intelligence, SEO, big data and paid content strategies. And if you didn’t join the presentations at one of the three stages, you’d get the lowdown during the networking event afterwards or at the stands of one of the sponsors (like Eversify).

Key learnings?

Publishing companies came up with strategic answers on how to manage and monetize digitalization. They transform trends into valuable business-models, anticipate new challenges and strive to continuously diversify their products and services. Content remains king, so the customer needs and wants should be intensively analyzed and subsequently individually fulfilled.

The future?

Geoff Ramsey, the CEO of eMarketer, stated that creating unique content, exciting storytelling, building trust and gathering a loyal audience on all existing channels are the strengths and challenges of all publishers in a digitalized world. That is why it is so crucially vital to focus on the customer needs and respond to them accordingly. He told it as it is: investments in augmented and virtual reality are too early for customers to adopt. Artificial Intelligence will however revolutionize the whole industry, along with chatbots and voice recognition. Up to then, mobile will drive the market through the social media and YouTube. (Great news for our mobile content publishing solution).

The content?

Arnauld de Puyfontaine, CEO of Vivendi, heeded a warning: in times of endless offers and interchangeable content it is essential to continuously improve content and to focus on premium content. Reliable brands producing premium content are the defence against competitors and fake news. Produce and sell intelligent content, as Gerrit Klein, CEO of Ebner Publishing Group and Frank Dopheide, Managing Director of Handelsblatt, concurred. The editor will have to stand guard to not only create unique content based on readers’ needs, but also make it readily available on whatever carrier or channel works best. It should not come as a surprise that they’ll need proper tools to help them with the task at hand.

The sequel?

Ask us, digital or multichannel publishing will be determined not only by which content is written, but by how it will be presented to the reader. A lot of publishers still struggle with how they can deliver the right content at the right time on the right channel. Time to wake up from this nightmare and enter the multichannel nirvana. Not to worry if you weren’t there. We’ll see you in 2018!

Tim Runtemund

– Key Account Manager Mobile Publishing