Eversify, an Agfa Graphics solution, is a mobile content publishing software solution that can be integrated in any editorial, content management or layout system based on Adobe InDesign. It delivers automated diversified content streaming to a wide range of devices (smartphones, tablets) and websites. There are three levels of App functionality: Eversify Classic, Eversify Hybrid and Eversify Interactive (HTML5). Additionally, Eversify can deliver classic flipbooks, hybrid flipbook or best-in-class interactive HTML5 based homepages. Eversify is part of the world-leading Agfa Graphics portfolio of solutions.
In Europe, the Eversify solution is sold via mobile specialists from AGFA. In NAFTA, Eversify is sold via ProImage America Inc., which is an Agfa owned company.

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Sales Mobile Publishing Germany
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Sales Mobile Publishing Germany
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Business Manager Mobile Publishing
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Project Sales and Mobile UK
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Projekt Manager Mobile Publishing Region Central Europe
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Product Manager Mobile Publishing WW
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