All good things in 2016 came in threes – 3 highlights, 3 key learnings

In my experience, time passes faster now than it did at the start of my career. Not to mention the warp speed technology advances at. Between keeping up with the tech and keeping track of time, business is to be done.  We set ourselves a goal early in the year to properly inform the market on multichannel publishing. Which is why we participated in many a show. And as I look back on 2016, I am amazed at how interesting, surprising and successful these were.

The highlights?

  1. Digital Innovators´ Summit in Berlin in March, housing 400 movers, shakers and publishing specialists to discuss their mission and innovations. It was here that Thomas Schultz-Homberg, CDO Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, announced the successful launch of the F.A.Z. PLUS App, produced with the Eversify SaaS solution.
  2. drupa 2016 – were we really promoting multichannel at this print gargantuan show, after the low interest at drupa 2012? Sure did. And lo and behold, we booked a record number of demos this year! Proof that printers, magazine publishers and agencies are seeking out congenial solutions for mobile publishing. It seems the industry caught wind of our mantra: only if you employ utmost automation you will establish efficient and broadly successful business models. This applies to both printing feed-in automation and an automated dissemination of non-printed contents among readers and consumers.
  3. The IT Tech Summit in Hamburg in November revealed the significance of data analytics and data management. It also boldly called out the reluctance of publishers and data distributors to acknowledge that and urged them to comply or perish. Here, we could interactively show 180 visitors that highly automatic IT solutions like Eversify free up time for editors and journalists so they can focus on their core content generating competences.

The key learnings?

  1. Content diversification – tailor your content to your channel. A German media company at VDZ IT Tech Summit stated that 10% of its content represents 90% of their readers’ digital consumption. Doesn’t that show how important it is to get the right content in the right format at the right time on the right channel?
  2. Cue integration of reader behaviour and meta data analysis. Match content with technology and make them work with and for each other, not against one another. Implementing the technology is not a hardship with the right partner. We’ve integrated Eversify into numerous editorial systems, data archives and CRM systems. On both a local and international scale, for local magazine and newspaper publishers, SMEs and national dailies like F.A.Z. PLUS.
  3. Enter mind-set change. As multichannel is put on the agenda again, you can just feel a change is a-coming. We noticed the next generation is ready to collect and analyse the data, adjust their content distribution strategy and witness improvement. Collect, analyse, use – repeat. Change can be that simple if you’re open to it.

You’ve been good to us 2016 – we look forward to continuing the upward trend in 2017.
What were your 2016 highlights and what will you be taking with you to 2017?

For now, allow me to wish you a festive holiday season.

Health, wealth and happiness to you all!

Rainer Kirschke
Business Manager Mobile Publishing

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